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As entrepreneurs we are so focused on the results we want to accomplish, that  we sometimes forget that we are actually working with people. Really: People. And we sometimes forget or just don’t realize that these people – your team, your business partner(s), your customers – are not like you… 

The assessment method DISC & Motivators is a universal language that describes your (observable) behavior, your motivators and the effect it has on other people. This language is defined by any combination of these four components: Dominance (Red), Influence (Yellow), Steadiness (Green) and Compliance (Blue). That, together with your ‘motivators’, give you lots of insights. 

Research shows that when 1) you learn how to communicate better, 2) clearer and 3) when you understand your own style of behavior and your motivators best, you will be far more effective in building good and sustainable relationships. The result  is obvious: you will be able to create more opportunities for yourself and your business.  

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What’s included: online assessment, personal report with an extensive amount of explanation, tips and advice. A personal coaching session to debrief your profile and to help you build your own personal roadmap for growth.


DISC & Motivators

Why combine DISC with Motivators?

  • While DISC reveals how you will likely behave, Motivators explores why are you driven to do what you do and what do you value at your core?  
  • Motivators measure seven Dimensions of Motivations that drive your behavior and decisions: Aesthetic, Economic, Individualistic, Power, Altruistic, Regulatory and Theoretical.  
  • The combination of these two give you valuable insights for your road to success.

Why DISC assessments?

  • #1 Behavioral tool: it provides you with a highly-detailed analysis of your individual Natural and Adapted style.
  • A laser-focused method for quickly achieving deeper insights in your own behavior that might otherwise take months or years to bring to light. 
  • DISC can yield considerable gains in self-awareness and self-perception that you can use to better understand yourself and others. 
  • Entrepreneurs can use these insights for more actionable goal-setting and relationship building. 

How will this help you as entrepreneur or professional?

  • 2020 was, and 2021 is already a year full of uncertainties. So now even more than usual it is essential to know what behavior helps you and what behavior is holding you back. Learn how to communicate your ideas, thoughts and wants better. This will help you grow. 
  • How is your team responding to you? Or your clients? Are you aware of the reason why they are responding to you the way you do?