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There’s only one way people will get to know more about you. Communicate. Online, offline, wherever it feels right. But you have to start doing it. Now. Do you need help with your strategy to reach out, muscles for specific projects or just a sparring partner to be sure you’re on the right track? We are here for you. For strategy, brainstorm sessions and projects. Contact us now. 

Strategy Coach

Growth – in whatever way – starts with your strategy. Why, how and what is it that do you? Who might be interested, where can you find them? If we know that, we can start getting to work and communicate. Our motto: start, focus and sharpen. 

Where to start...

Do you have lots of ideas, but not sure how effective they are? Do you have clear goals but no clue on how to get there? We can help. Within a couple of hours you have more focus, key decision points, realistic ideas (and a complimentary planning).  

Projects for Impact

We know a lot about nothing. Years of experience and expertise only made that worse… That’s why we know we can’t do it all. For our projects we select the best experts there are and work closely with them. United for Better Business. That works.

Are you a business owner or start-up that's focusing on a better world? Then I would love to work with you and support you. We help you grow.
Nathalie van der Ploeg
Creative strategist and experienced strategist that gets things done. Founder, Strategist, lover of Partnerships, Project Lead and Handywoman at United for Better Business

We help you design strategies and content that are real.

To communicate is the mere basis of all. But we need it to be human and authentic. Skip all the bullshit and focus on the real thing. 


Would you like to know more about the way we work, what we can do for you, or would you like to team up with us? Send us a message! .  

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